14k Pink Gold Retro Buckle Necklace


This is a beautiful example of the Retro era, and is estimated circa 1940’s. This 14k very subtle pink gold omega brick pattern chain is 16 inches in length, approaching a choker in length. It measures 10mm wide which is approximately 3/8″. The weight is 36.9 dwt (57.3 grams) which gives it a great and comfortable feel as it stays in place on your neck. It is an elegant accent and equally brilliant with jeans or little black dress. Pair it with simple earrings, perhaps diamond or ruby studs. At the ends of each side and in the decorative “tongue” fourteen (14) pinkish red rubies are channel set (a few very tiny prongs have been added for security). The rubies are custom cut into shield shaped, tapered baguette, square and triangular. There are twelve (12) single cut diamonds bead set into a platinum “keeper”, total weight approximately .30 carats. The metal was tested by a goldsmith and verified to be platinum. Due to the age of this necklace some of the rubies and diamonds display subtle chips, which is quite normal, and not evident to naked eye so it won’t spoil the impact of you wearing it. The clasp is a very sturdy double loop patterned plunger for width and the basic pattern of the necklace is classic at its best. The buckle criss-crosses over the tail and has a pivot for flexibility and to better conform to the slight variations on each woman’s neck. Some well done repairs are evident but very subtle; on the back behind the pivot point; on the front on the tail piece (near the rubies) and near the clasp on the back of the neck. Someone wore this with much love and care. It could bring you pleasure for years and it’s the kind of wonderful piece of jewelry to pass on to your children. Imagine them looking at a picture of you lovingly and saying, “remember when Mom would wear this?”

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16 inches long, 10mm wide (approximately 3/8 ")




Diamond, Ruby



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