What is Your Style?

A lot goes into considering your style, but it’s subconscious. So make it conscious.  Right now you are probably thinking to yourself – why is she using this font? You instinctively like it or you don’t like it.

Sometimes it’s almost that easy to determine your style.

Too much is made of trends (I’ll mention that later) or size of a person. Do not tell me that a tiny woman cannot wear big jewelry. I’ve met women whose personality enters the room before they do.

Do you avoid larger jewelry because you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow for taking care of jewelry? Legitimate. (But that may just be a season of life right now.)

Do you avoid larger jewelry because you think you don’t look good in it? Rethink it.

Do you avoid larger jewelry because you just don’t like the style? Good reason.

Do you avoid larger jewelry because you think you can’t afford it? Also rethink it. Especially when I was younger I would be willing to eat Mac n’ Cheese all week if it meant saving for something I really wanted. My husband not so much. There may be ways.

Years ago I was shopping at Nordstrom in South Bay and a clerk pulled out a red silk blouse, a color I thought I could never wear. I loved it, bought it, and wore it to shreds (literally). What I learned from that was Lesson #1, You Need to Try It On. Try stuff on you think you’d never wear. Go on a “play date” with a friend and see what jewelry looks good on you. See what makes you feel special because if it doesn’t, whether you spend $5.00 or $50,000 you’ve wasted your money. Does “bling” make your eyes sparkle or is it the subtlety of design that makes you gasp? That “gasp” factor is crucial.

Many women have come in to see me with a preconceived idea of what they want, and they leave with something completely different. This is a place where you can enjoy the process.

Oh, regarding trends. If you are a person who loves trends, great for you. We’ve all seen that girl (or guy) who seems to wear edgy like a second skin. And we’ve all felt uncomfortable seeing someone who wears only what other people like. Invest some time and find out how the trends can work for you, with your personality and your lifestyle.