About Us

For more than 80 years, G.H. Wilke & Co. has been dedicated to helping customers with all of their jewelry needs, from engagement rings and bridal jewelry to custom design and jewelry repair.

We recognize that jewelry is highly personal, reflecting your unique tastes and often intertwined with special memories and meaning. That’s why we go beyond simply providing a service to connect with our clients as individuals.

We consider it a privilege to bring your stories and expressions of love to life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or any other milestone, our friendly team is ready to help you find the perfect piece.

GH Wilke Jewelry display
GH Wilke store front

Early Beginnings

G.H. Wilke & Co. was founded by Gilbert Wilke in October 1929. After leaving the family farm to attend watch making school in Chicago, Gilbert purchased a jewelry store in Arlington Heights, Illinois that was going out of business due to the Great Depression. Arlington Heights was a farming community that relied on Gil’s new skills to keep their timepieces running. But times were tough, and people sometimes paid for his work with chickens or eggs.

That didn’t stop Gil from pursuing his passion. He’d often take the train into work, picking up watches from his customers along the route. He’d fix them, and then drop them off on his way home.

Family lore has it then after Gil’s wife visited her brother in Altadena, California, she laid down the law saying no to any more Illinois winters. So, together, they moved to San Gabriel, California.

Second and Third Generations

After Glenn retired, his daughter, Krista, began running the store. Krista, a certified gemologist, and her husband Andrés, a goldsmith, combined their expertise to continue to offer quality service to the San Gabriel Valley for many years.

Jewelry on a plate


After apprenticing for several years as a goldsmith, Dario has brought his love for all things architectural to his (27) years at the bench. The G.H. Wilke & Co. team also includes Mila Banez, who helps with bookkeeping, sales, and just about everything else category.

Tracy Wilke with standing Bass

Tracy Wilke

Sales and Operations

Started working for G.H. Wilke & Co. in sales and has grown to love the business. Through the years she has built many strong relationships with clients in the San Gabriel Valley.

Dario Pirozko at work

Dario Pirozko


Every Jewelry store should needs an in-house Goldsmith. We have one of the most talented Goldsmith in Southern California. His designs are thoughtful and artistic. He takes the time to truly understand a client’s desires and transforms it into fine jewelry pieces.

Mila Banez with certificate of completion

Mila Bañez

Bookkeeper, Sales Associate, Office Manager

Mila receiving her Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate from G.I.A. (the Gemological Institute of America).

Quite an achievement – we are so proud!

Tracy & Dario