Happy customer’s jewelry shopping here at our store in San Gabriel, CA.

“I went to G.H. Wilke & Co. looking for the perfect engagement ring on a very tight budget. Tracy Wilke took time to show me a wide variety of diamonds and helped me pick one that was crystal clear and still in my price range. She truly has the heart of a teacher and the ring I bought is still sparkling on my bride’s hand eight years later.”
—Zach L.

“Through the years, I have acquired several magnificent pieces of jewelry from G. H. Wilke & Co., including a stunning engagement ring with accompanying diamond band. The size, clarity, and sparkle is something to cherish and wear proudly. It gets many stares and approving glances from men and women alike.


“Commissioning a custom piece of jewelry is a special experience. From the choosing of the perfect stone, to collaborating with the design team, to the thrill of the final work of wearable art, GH Wilke and Co made my beautiful diamond and tanzanite ring something that I will treasure forever.”
Deanna C

“Another piece, worn on special occasions, was made possible by G.H. Wilke & Co.’s unique ability to customize jewelry. In 2002, I purchased a costume jewelry choker in Venice, Italy. Every time I wore it, I had an allergic reaction to its metal base. So, I made a copy of necklace using a copy machine and sent it to G.H. Wilke & Co. They created a mold to represent the piece, creating it from white gold, with its design done in black diamonds. When worn, the amount of attention the choker elicits is embarrassing.

“Recently a pair of light, sparkling, chandelier earrings emerged from a momentary vision on a television screen. I described the earrings, and once again, G. H. Wilke & Co. created the most exquisite, lightweight, sparkling chandelier earrings.”
—Melita R.

“We are surrounded by jewelry stores that help customers find earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., via pictures in catalogs. The pieces are reproduced in large quantities and a customer could quite possibly see their necklace on another person. Such pieces are never unique. G. H. Wilke & Co., on the other hand, has the resources and talent to be able to create “one of a kind” pieces. This is so much more than a piece of jewelry: it is “pride in ownership.”
—Stuart R.

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