Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry

1. Will you have to cut and solder my ring when you size it or can you just stretch it?

It depends. If your ring has been soldered before, it might break at the solder spot when we attempt to stretch it. Also, if your ring has stones set in it, we won’t be able to stretch it far without risking damage to those stones. Sizing a ring by stretching requires skill and precision. We may have to heat it, stretch it, and then repeat that process to ensure the ring does not crack under pressure. Keep in mind that if we do have to cut and solder your ring, most well done solders won’t leave a visible line. Contact us or bring in your ring so we can better evaluate the right approach to sizing it for you.

2. How much do you charge to size a ring?

Sizing costs vary depending on the width of the ring and the daily price of metal (10k, 14k, 18k gold; platinum, etc.). Costs may also vary if there are additional crack(s) in the metal in need of repair, if loose stones need to be tightened, and if we are cleaning up an old repair that’s not in good condition. We will gladly give you an estimate for any work we recommend and offer additional options, if appropriate.

3. Can you tell what kind of stone is in my jewelry?

We can easily identify some stones simply by looking at your jewelry. However, others require examination under a microscope to spot key characteristics that differentiate similar stones from one another. Bring your jewelry in to our store—we would be glad to examine it for you. Keep in mind that, depending on the type of stone, we may need to ask you to leave your jewelry with us for further examination. We will let you know as soon as it’s available for pick-up.

4. Can you tell me what my jewelry is worth?

There are different values given to jewelry. For instance, if you are planning to sell it, the value is based on the type and amount of materials present in your piece. Contact our store or stop by to learn more about our jewelry appraisal process.

5. How can I insure my jewelry?

We can help you insure your jewelry against loss by drafting a written Insurance Appraisal for your specific piece(s). The appraisal identifies the price you would have to pay to get a similar replacement should your jewelry be lost or taken. Contact us to learn more about our Insurance Appraisal process.

6. How long will it take to fix my jewelry?

Repair times will vary depending on the materials involved and the extent of damage to your jewelry. We will gladly offer you an estimate for how long the work will take once we have examined your specific piece(s). Contact us or stop by our store to begin your repair process today.

7. Do you complete your work on the premises?

Yes, with one full-time goldsmith (co-owner Dario Pirozko), we are able to complete most of our work at our store. We enlist outside help for a few of our projects. Delicate soldering work, for example, requires us to borrow the use of a special laser machine. We also employ the skills of a talented hand engraver, an artist we’ve known for years who can work magic with engraving.

8. Do you have to take my stone out when you repair my jewelry?

Usually, no. However, some stones can be damaged or destroyed by heat from the torch, so in some cases, we may need to remove and reset them. Diamonds are very heat resistant though, so we usually will not need to take them out when repairing a piece of jewelry.

9. If I bring in a sketch, can you make me exactly what I want?

Yes! We love working with our clients to create customized jewelry. If you have a vision for your perfect piece, we want to help you bring it to life! Remember to allow extra time for discussions on details, and expect to spend time approving sketches, CADs, and waxes. This is a wonderful, artistic process that we are honored to undertake with you. Contact us to start your custom piece today!