Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry can range from modifying an existing design to a completely unique and personalized work of art. It’s not limited by what’s in stock, but only by your imagination.

Choose an explosion of your favorite color. Combine an antique look with a clean modern line. Select a group of different cut diamonds colored stones, such as marquise, emerald, pear, or trapezoid. Did you know that some stones come in a variety of colors? For instance, when choosing a garnet birthstone you can pick from orange, dark green, light green, purplish red, blood red, brownish-orange red, to shades of golden yellow.
As you dream up your custom piece, consider where and when you want to wear this work of art. Are you hoping to use it daily or for special occasions? We can help you select the right styles depending on how it will be worn.

Remember, it’s all about you. Is your style playful? Or do you prefer Deco?  How about a blue diamond? Or even a pink one? The options are endless!

Do you have an old piece of jewelry in the family that just doesn’t suit you? Let us help you transform it into something you’ll love. We can also work with you to create a piece of new family history to pass down. 

Contact us today to share your vision for your custom piece!   (626) 284-9444