Beauty is…Martha

Beauty Is…

My diagnosis was Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Beauty means… honoring our parents and ancestors, waking up everyday with a smile, love, compassion, friendship, gratitude, family, to strive towards good health and to live each day to the fullest..

– Martha, A Living Beauty
Martha, A Living Beauty wearing jewelry from GH Wilke

Martha is wearing an 18k white gold, 16 inch long, lattice style diamond choker and an18k yellow gold 35 carat aquamarine ring, set with 2.50 carats total weight in diamonds

All of the jewelry chosen for these photos is one of a kind.

You can give the gift of jewelry and help a woman living with cancer as a portion of jewelry sales through Mother’s Day will support Living Beauty’s programs.

Connect with one of our experts to find out more or schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you find that perfect piece!

Leading up to Mother’s Day, we will be introducing you to The Foundation For Living Beauty and the women they serve, women who are living with cancer. These cancer survivors and thrivers will be modeling jewelry from G.H. Wilke Jewelers and sharing their meaning of beauty.

The Foundation for Living Beauty educates, uplifts and empowers women in their fight against cancer. All programs and services are free of charge for women with cancer. Learn more at 

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